GIIS Students at Siam Ocean World and Ichitan Factory


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Ichitan Factory

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Loy krathong 2014

GIIS Celebrates Loy Krathong In Thai Loy means to float and Krathong means a Floating Circular object with Decoration of Banana leaves, Flowers, a Candle and Incense sticks. All these are Related to Loy Krathong, an event which does Not occur on The Same Date Every year ; Instead it Counts The full Moon on Night of The Twelfth Lunar month.The purposes of The Ritual is to pay Respect to The Goddess of Gratitude on The Water showing their plentiful Use of Water Pollution and ask for Forgiveness in The ensuing.
Floating the beautiful Krathong away is the key activity in Loy Krathong and it also refers to flying away of misfortune and bad things in the past and asking for good luck in the future.


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