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Academic Calendar 2024-25


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Silverzone Olympiad: 2019-2021

“There is simply no substitute for hard work, when it comes to achieving success.”

“GIIS Thailand” conducts Silver zone Olympiads every year intending to provide a platform for brushing the learning abilities of its students over and above the curricular programs.

A good Olympiad exam aims to provide a unique competitive platform by and identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future. Olympiads are not just only the exams; they do a lot more to bring out the best in a child. Trying for and giving Olympiads motivates students to strive for better. Olympiad’s problem being tricky and more conceptual help students understand the topic well. This ultimately improves routine class results

Our students have brought laurels with their commendable achievements in Little star Olympiads, IOM, IOEL, IOS, Hindi Olympiad, reasoning, S.ST and GK Olympiads, which has made us feel proud. They have proved that the successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

GIIS Thailand congratulates the achievers for their wholehearted endeavor and motivated them to excel to achieve the pinnacles of success.


Please click below the Summary of Silver Zone Olympiad:

Summary of Silver zone Olympiad 2019-20

Summary of Silver zone Olympiad 2020-21

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