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FIELD TRIP JUNIOR CLASS (Ban-Kong-Por-Sufficiency Economy Centre)

     A field trip was arranged to Ban-Kong-Por – Sufficiency Economy Centre on 17th November 2017. Students from grade 1 to grade 5 participated in the field trip. The main aim to organize this field trip was to make students aware about the concept Sufficiency Economy Centre and involve them in various field activities. Staff and the Chairman from the centre welcomed us and briefed us about their work.  To keep children engaged they had planned four activities plantation, cooking, rice plantation, feeding animals. Students were very eager to participate in all the four activities and hence without wasting any time four groups were formed as per their house. Every house was accompanied with teachers and staff from the centre.

Students were taught to plant Croton in small pots and as a momento they were presented with the same plant. Students were very happy to see fresh tomatoes, chillies, brinjals and lemons.

Cooking activity involved frying of fresh vegetables like mushrooms and beans. Students relished eating these fries along with spicy sauce.

Other activities that involved was goat and sheep feeding. Students were very much amazed to see goat and sheep drinking milk from a small bottle. They enjoyed this activity taking turns again and again.

The last activity was very thrilling. Despite hot scorching sun, students were full of enthusiasm to enter the rice paddy field. Without wasting time they formed a chain and entered the paddy field. Although the clayey soil was skiddy and hard to move students were able to plant rice. They were very much happy and thrilled to perform this activity.

After eating yummy lunch there was a feedback session. Two of our students received prize on giving satisfactory feedback.

Students had lots of fun performing this fun filled activities. Away from classroom learning they had opportunity to have hands on experience on various activities. They realized the importance of team work. At the end of session students carried the morale to respect the farmers, their hard work and not waste any food. They understood the concept of self sufficiency, how to live in dignity and remain happy.