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Geofest 2015

“Geofest has become a means of awakening the conscience to protect planet Earth from further decay due to climatic changes and global warming.”

Geofest 2015 held at City Montessori School, Lucknow honoured the GIIS Thailand team leaders, Ms. Sumita Jolly and Mr.Cyril R. Ibanez, and students Pradnesh Naik (Grade 10 ), Jun Watanabe (Grade 9), Harshna Khandelwal ( Grade 9), Radarath Singhated, Wasu Sonthichai (Grade 9) and Naipaporn Sutthirak (Grade 8).

Geofest not only provided prizes & accolades but also a culturally diverse atmospheric-experience, for us to view India’s most dearly preserved monuments and culture and most importantly, a bond of collective team members. This was evident with the team consisting of Jun Watanabe and Naipaporn Suthirak holding the first place for Geo-toons-Junior Level.

City Montessori School, that received the 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, held accountant for the gathering of multiple schools from overseas and all over India. GIIS, Thailand was provided the opportunity to participate in the collage competition, model display, and a cartoon making competition all based on naive theme of protecting Mother Nature. Several schools from all over provided a culturally diverse atmosphere and as starting competition, highlighted this whole event, which was the Voice and Vision in this the students performed folk dances which embraced the culture and traditions of various states of India & other countries.

Despite all the competitions, students of GIIS did some sightseeing too by travelling to Agra and New Delhi, and visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal and enjoying the Kulfi the famous sweet dish from the “City of Nawabs,”Lucknow. Through all this travelling came a teamwork which was honoured on the last day where prizes were being awarded.

On the third day of the Geofest, students and teachers were welcomed to a grand-opening with a speech and prayer by respected sir, Mr. Jadgish Gandhi, the Chairman of the City Montessori schools which holds the education of 50,000 pupils. GIIS was awarded first place prize as mentioned above, alongside with a ‘commendable prize’ award to Pradnesh Naik (Grade 10) and Wasu Sonthichai (Grade 9) was awarded in the model display category. To add the cherry on the cake, the team members of GIIS were awarded with the most courteous team for GEO-Fest 2015-16, an honour and successful motive of GIIS that will be well cherished.

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