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Academic Calendar 2023-24

Academic Calendar 2023-24


               GIIS ADMISSION

GIIS still accepting enrollees for A.Y 2023-24 from KG, Primary School, Middle School and High School.

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December 2023
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Cook and Sell

“Feeding Hearts”

Every bite you take satisfies your cravings and contributes to a positive impact on our community. Come hungry and leave with a heart full of satisfaction, knowing your purchase goes towards a noble cause.

 Our foodies experienced the convenience of our charity drive-through food sale on 15 September 2023! Our SEWA students curated a delectable menu filled with various culinary delights that Globalians can enjoy with their peers in the school cafeteria.

 Participating in our drive-through event satisfies students' cravings and contributes to a meaningful cause. Their support helped us positively impact our community, one meal at a time. Globalians rolled down their window, placed their order, and drove away with delicious food and a heart full of gratitude for making a difference. It was a gastronomic journey that brings joy to your taste buds and warmth to your soul!

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