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Academic Calendar 2023-24

Academic Calendar 2023-24


               GIIS ADMISSION

GIIS is now accepting enrollees for A.Y 2024-25.

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“Hauntingly Fun Halloween Bash”

Halloween is a time for our kids to embrace their playful and imaginative sides, often with a focus on the supernatural, that brings together the spirit of fun and festivity.

Ghoulish Gathering was celebrated. Children dressed up in a variety of costumes, often inspired by mythical creatures, pop culture icons, and spooky characters. Piñatas were played, which entertained the children and gave the spirit of victory over evil.

Halloween is celebrated for its historical, cultural, and modern significance, serving as a time to remember the dead, have fun, and embrace the eerie and mysterious aspects of life.

Halloween is an annual celebration observed on October 31st, and it has its origins in various ancient traditions, including the Celtic festival of Samhain. Globalians celebrated in various ways by setting up the art room as a haunted house to experience spooky thrills and scares.

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