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Academic Calendar 2024-25

Academic Calendar 2024-25


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India’s Independence Day

"Patriotism and unity transformed the campus into a tapestry of vibrant colors"

Independence Day is a cherished occasion to celebrate the spirit of freedom. The morning of 15 August 2023 began with the hoisting of the national flag, a moment that filled the air with pride and respect.

The day's festivities included captivating cultural performances showcasing India's diversity and rich heritage. Students put on stirring mime and heartwarming dances in the background of soulful songs that paid tribute to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. Inspirational speeches and thought-provoking discussions on the significance of independence further enrich the day.

The celebrations are a reminder of our country's hard-fought freedom and an opportunity to instil in our young minds the values of democracy, equality, and social responsibility. Through these celebrations, we commemorate history and look forward to a brighter and united future for our nation.

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