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Academic Calendar 2024-25

Academic Calendar 2024-25


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GIIS is now accepting enrollees for A.Y 2024-25.

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“Wordsmiths’ Battle: The Debaters’ Championship”

Wordsmiths of GIIS proved their oratorship through the Debate Competition held in our auditorium on 27th October 2023 with high spirits. The debate was on the topic - “Homework in school - To be banned or not to be banned”.

The primary purpose of a debate is to engage in a critical and persuasive exchange of ideas to either convince the audience or judges of the validity of one's viewpoint or to facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic.

Debate held our school premise played a crucial role in fostering discussion, promoting the exchange of ideas, and enhancing public discourse on important issues among the contestants and audience. They are a valuable tool for students to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and research skills, listening skills, teamwork, among other valuable attributes.

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